Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mona Rope Swing

Isn't this little froggy so cute?

We always have fun at the rope swing: fishy water gets up our nose, some stranger always belly flops, people always get rope burn because they lack the upper body strength to hold on so they just slide down the gross rope ... However, this trip had some unique instances.
  • Boys threw eggs at each other as they did tricks off of the rope swing. One boy got hit right in the tender bottom.
  • A girl who stood for a good 15 minutes trying to muster up the courage to jump out of a tree ended up slipping and falling and landing back first in the water.
  • A crazy dog ran around barking and growling at us. The dog's owner had shark teeth.
  • Found the above froggy, a little boy might have smushed it trying to play with it.
  • Tried out the mini rope swing, not so fun. Em tried to swing on it in a circle back to shore with no success.


Derek said...

whenever i say someone has shark teeth, people around me never seem to get it. whats not to get? their teeth look like shark teeth. pointy. im glad you know what you're talking about.

Karli said...

so many great things.
haha the best part about the picture of me on the swing is emilys head floating in the water, probably cheering me on. i want you to send me those pictures anna and i took while trying not to drown.
fun day.