Saturday, September 13, 2008

Been tagged, Here are Six Quirkies.

1. I am still terrified of gremlins.

2. I used to share cat food with my cat. "One x for you, one x for me, one x for you, one x for me."

3. I used to think that a wolf lived in our attic because there's a black splotch on one of the bricks in our fireplace that looks like a wolf, and I convinced myself that it was the previous owner's way of warning us.

4. I used to be a champion clogger. Only 1st place trophies for my team, thank you. Maybe I should bust out those bad-boys for the talent show at school.

5. When I wake up after a great night's camp-o-thon in a tent, my eyes are puffy and almost swollen shut. Shrug. I have no explanation for you.


Tenille said...

Am I the only one only seeing 5 quirks here??? Maybe you're just too perfect :D
You need to call me! I miss you!

Eric and Andrea said...

One for you, one for me. So were you the one who spilled the cat food in the garage and then blamed it on me??

Emily said...

oh andrea...... i have a confession I ate some of the cat treats when I was little

Eric and Andrea said...

So finally the truth comes out, I'm the only sane sister in the Bateman house who did NOT eat anything related to the cats. P.S. Where's the 6th quirk?

Kimberly said...

hmmmm I find it very intriguing that you are terrified of gremlins, yet hang out with Ben . . . I guess he did trim his beard recently, making him somewhat less gremlin-like

kcjaques said...

Guess what I am going to be for Halloween? Pretty sure it's a gremlin!!