Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Greatest Weekend Ever!

  • Climbed the hardest climb I've ever tried, a 9+. Please don't laugh, I'm trying to get better. Scared me so bad, I almost cried.
  • Ate sushi with Ben and Jess.
  • Longboarded up Provo Canyon, then back down Provo Canyon.
  • Visited with Zach and Em.
  • Ate a yummy breakfast with the Bateman fam.
  • Rode trax to SLC (The crazies were in full swing.)
  • Saw the circus! (I was absolutely amazed the entire time. It truly is the greatest show on earth/The most terrifying show on earth.)
  • Ate at Jason's deli. (Free ice cream!)
  • Busted it to get to the Red Lion hotel in order to catch the 5:00 P.M. Fun Bus to Wendover to visit Nat and Thurm. (Tears on my end.)
  • Ate at a Mexican restaurant with Nat, Thurm, and baby Quinn
  • Told scary stories
  • Slept in late (Finally!)
  • Helped Quinn get ready for church. (Tears on his end.)
  • Used our free buffet ticket for lunch. (Crazy lady was there demanding that someone give her a blanket or a towel because she was too cold to eat. Amazing that they didn't have a blanket to offer, Ben and I laughed pretty hard. Later, when I snuck a peek, she was sporting a gross towel probably one fresh from being used to wipe off a table.)
  • Played Bandu and Chicken Foot
  • Hunted for frogs/scouted out old buildings/chased a lizard/mosquito bites galore
  • Awesome hike
  • Yummy homemade soup
  • Watched a movie
  • Goodbyes to Nat and Thurm
  • Fun Bus home wasn't so fun at first because we almost got kicked off due to lack of room. "You could sit on my lap!" "Um ... I don't think my boyfriend would like that."
Thank you Nat and Thurm for letting us play with you and the little guy.

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