Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here I Come Halloween!
I was combing the aisles of Walmart, locating my robot costume needs, when the rack of toddler costumes proved too tempting. Pink legs called to me, I chewed my bottom lip debating the size 4-6 toddler, and then a little girl cooed, "That is really pretty."
"I know!" and I was sold.
When Uni met Malloy

Uni was a little down when I answered my phone and stopped giving him attention.

Black meets White

Get outta here!


Eric and Andrea said...

A little confused, did Daisy go under the fence? She does not like Uni, Mallow on the other hand. I think they were meant to be

Eric and Andrea said...

Malloy, not Mallow, duh

Brian and Jaime said...

this is so funny. I think that Porter would lcve you for a mom cause he keeps asking me what I am going to be and I just keep saying a mommy.

kcjaques said...

you are the best unicorn ever!!

Emily said...

oh Precious Uni you are so beautiful it is time you meet your twin sister whose name is Maybe.

Derek said...

i love how basically in every video made, you just hear emily in the background laughing super hard. its way funny.