Sunday, April 05, 2009

As I was running to my front door, I saw one of my hometeachers on his way up the sidewalk.

Homey: "Amy! Hey! Did I just see you coming from Trax?"
Me: "Yeah, I had a conference down in Salt Lake both yesterday and today."
Homey: "You ride your trax to work?"
Me: "No, I had a conference at the Salt Palace."
Homey: "Is your hair darker?"
Me: "Yup, and shorter."
Homey: "Yeah ... it definitely ... looks darker."

I start laughing and have to stop myself from slapping my forehead.

Homey: "No, no! What I mean by that is it looks good. Real good."



Emily said...

I think I know which homey this one is. so classic

Derek said...

hometeachers.. who needs em