Thursday, April 30, 2009

I thought ice cream vans were extinct. If they're not, they should be.
Dangerous/Annoying/Creepy/Swine Flu Potential (probably)

The frantic music gives me the chills.

Anybody with me on this? Down with ice cream vans!


Emily said...

I'm down! Remember Jay's friend that was an ice cream man ya he scared me. Mom and Dad never let me get ice cream from the ice cream van thank goodness.

Knudson Family said...

There are dueling ice-cream van's in our neighborhood. It is so scary! Even if we are the only people at the park - they race each other to the playground. One is a renovated mail truck that plays "pop goes the weasel" and the other one looks just like your picture and blasts a tune I don't recognize When they are following us around (STALKERS)- the music does not harmonize, making this really creepy dissonant/horror movie tune. I just think to myself - "Even if we got an ice-cream bar - is it really worth your time to follow us around for 20 minutes for $1.25?? You are using more gas than that! Go to a different park already!" If we were going to stay here much longer, I would be the mom at the city council meeting demanding they have more regulations.

I am, however, VERY pro taco-van. Hoooray for the taco van! YUM!