Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Little 5K Adventure

  • Strolled out my front door with Em, and our practice jog morphed into a full on sprint for Trax when we noticed it was already at the station. We managed to run to the wrong side of the train. Turns out that pushing the Door Open button a hundred times doesn't make it open.

  • As we ran around to the "correct" side of the train, I waved to a girl in my ward who witnessed our shenanigans. The hilarity helped soothe my jangled nerves.

  • Before the race, I was bent down getting our gear bag ready to go on the truck that would take it to the finish line for us, and a lady bounced her butt of my head. Thanks for deciding to run in place at that exact moment lady.

  • Wished one of my students good luck.

  • Got crazy nervous, then incredibly excited as we started counting down, high-fived Em a couple of times, and off we went!

  • A guy passed us who was juggling three red balls while he was running.

  • Spiderman runs 5k's?

  • A couple of bikers tipped over and crashed right next to us. It was a combination of people not getting out of the way for them, and that dang little median that they would bump with a tire. It looked so painful, and they had the shoes that stick to their pedal, so they all went straight down. So glad they were wearing helmets.

  • When we were close to reaching South Temple, Em told me to look back. Wow! There were so many of us!

  • Picked up the pace at the end, and heard Dra call out at us. Best cheerleader ever.

  • Waited for Nat, Thurm, Ben, Maggie, and Katie to finish their races.

  • High-fived another student who goes to my school, congratulated him on completing a half-marathon, and admired his medallion. He is deaf, but he said, "Thanks!" and signed thanks at the same time. I desperately wanted to hug him.

  • Met Blaine and Dane from Biggest Losers! I sheepishly called out that my boyfriend beat their half marathon times, but of course I didn't say it loud enough for them to hear. What was I going to say to them?

  • "Good luck at the finale!"

  • "If you tie at the finale, do each of you get $50,000?"

  • "How come Sione didn't run this with you?"

  • "Is it weird that your fat made you famous?"

  • What I managed was, "Can we take a picture with you? Promise we'll be fast. Thanks! Sorry we're so short." Ugh! Sorry we're so short? Yup, that's really what I said. They laughed really hard and bellowed (bellowed because they're ginormous) that they were sorry that they're so tall.


Emily said...

Wow that was great! I want to do it again! You forgot about short shorts though. Next we do half marathon, we can do it! And I love the new layout of your blog.

Erica said...

Way to GO! I am jealous that you got to meet people from the Biggest Loser. You look awesome by the way!

Erica said...

Way to GO! I am jealous that you got to meet people from the Biggest Loser. You look awesome by the way!

Kimberly said...