Sunday, April 05, 2009

Please let me be 
for a Moment

A couple of months ago, my principal asked to see my resume. Confused and terrified since I haven't updated that thing since I got hired, I warily asked why. She confessed that she was nominating me for an outstanding teacher award through the Jordan Education Fund. I bit my lip, and told her that I was extremely flattered. It had been one of those days, and I need to hear those things more often than I do.

Thursday afternoon, after riding Trax home from a conference I attended at the Salt Palace, my eyes took a little siesta even though I was trying to read my book. My phone woke me up. Why was Eastmont Middle calling? Oh crap, probably something with my sub and how he had written on my promethean board with a marker. (I hid those dang markers on purpose! Where did he find a marker? I hope the kids gave him crap all day long.)

My principal: "Amy! It's Jan!"
Trying to mask my sleepy smoker voice was impossible.
My principal: "You got it!"
Me: "I got ... ?"
"You won the award! Of course I told you that you would!"

So she read the letter that they had sent her, and promised to bring my copy tomorrow to our conference.

Wahoo! What a great pat on the back. I also get some money, which my mom suggested using to buy a computer or laptop. Great idea, I was probably just going to pay off some more of my student loan. I am so excited to attend the fancy dinner at Little America. Unfortunately, Ben will be at training in California. I'll be the classy adult attending with her parents ...

Any suggestions on a dress?


Emily said...

Wow this is great!! You totally deserve this award and I'm really proud of you. I personally like short dresses, and I think a short fancy dress would be cute on you.

Amy Bateman said...

But may I bring your attention to my too-muscly calves?

Karli said...

GOOD JOB AMY! That is so cool!

Emily said...

Well how formal is it? I was just looking at some dresses online that you might like so i'll have to show you.

Kimberly said...

Can you walk in heels? I think a short dress with some heels would be super cool on you! Great JOb you totally deserve it!

Natalie said...

YAYAY! Thurm told me! Thats so great!!! You deserve it : ) Wear black-- always the best choice.

Jeff and Rose said...

Oh, I am so proud of you. This is an incredible honor. A BIG congratulations on your award. Have fun at the celebration.

Funaki-naki-naki said...

Gongrats! I'm glad the district's wise enough to recognize what a great teacher you are.