Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today a student called out to me from across the room, "Ms. Bateman!?"
"Yeah Skylar."
"You're funny."

It's because I had them raising two fingers, then down to one finger, and I warned/laughed, "An appropriate finger."
I am funny.

In another class, a girl was up at the board showing us how to find the median of a list of numbers, and the kids were calling out helping her put them in order from least to greatest. One boy called out, "Seven!" but there was no seven, so he looked at his neighbor sideways, drug it out into, "Seven ... teen ... is the last number ... in the list," and it was. It made me laugh so hard because it was so secret, and only he, me, and one other student noticed. I had my hand covering my mouth, trying to be respectful of the girl who was at the board, but my eyes were shiny with tears.

"What a funny guy." (That's from the end of Home Alone.)

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Amy E. Campbell said...

I love your teacher stories, they never fail to amuse me greatly.