Thursday, December 31, 2009

Watch out, I'm pretty proud of myself.
I've been crafting it up during my holiday break: scarf after scarf after scarf.
Dra asked me to make her a beanie.
I think it's adorable, and I probably should have looked for a tutorial, but I'm beaming with satisfaction for figuring a pattern out on my own.
What do you think?
All of the nephews are over at my parents'.
Here's Ezra playing with my mom's Christmas present. He loves wearing the apron; he and my mom made us sugar cookies with sprinkles with the cookie press I gave my mom for Christmas.
Earlier this morning, after I had showered and readied myself, I ran downstairs to continue playing and Ezra stopped mid train crash, "Hey! You look pretty good. I mean your hair."


Karli said...

Haha Ezra is so funny! Good job on the hats!!

the mama monster said...

cute hats amy! may i request one please? silly ezra, he has gotten quite funny.

Natalie said...

Those are the cutest hats!!! I want to learn!

Amy Bateman said...

Natalie -
We should schedule a craft night. The hats are so easy, and I'm sure you could find an easier way than I've been doing. Jackie said there are tons of patterns on the internet, but I am feeling too lazy to follow someone else's directions.