Sunday, December 06, 2009

Two Things:

Today in church, I was playing prelude on the organ, and a guy came walking up to talk to me. I found a stopping point, and he asked if he could play with me. I had a second of panic thinking he wanted to sit next to me and have a little duet. He pointed over to the piano, and I understood. I shrugged and agreed to it. We started with Angels We Have Heard on High. I played straight from the hymn book, and he jazzed the hymn up very nicely. We finished on Silent Night. I loved it, and I hope the congregation enjoyed it. It reminded me of my piano days where we had to do a duet during our summer recitals.

My roommates brought home a delicious smelling Christmas tree last night. This morning, roommate Karen was working around the tree, I was in my room getting ready for church, and then I heard her yelp. I came out to help, and she was searching for the huge bug that had flown out of the tree and landed on her neck. We couldn't find it. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs and came face to face with the bug we had searched for. It looked like a box elder bug on steroids. I ran upstairs screaming that I had found the bug. I dropped off my bag and mustered the courage to say I was going to stomp it, but then it was in a corner, and I got scared it would be elusive. Janey went to get a boy from downstairs, but I coaxed it on to a poster and screamed as I carried it outside. Ammon came out right as I stomped on the monster, then he teased me for killing it and for screaming so much. Whatever, I was proud of myself for taking care of the situation. It really pumped me up for the drive to church.

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