Sunday, August 08, 2010

Bells Canyon Hike:
The Search for Upper Falls
Zach and Ben
I forget what they were discussing, probably like me, they were wishing to see Bighorn Mountain Sheep fighting each other on the cliffs.

We could hear the falls ... or could we?
Found the Upper Falls!
No we didn't, now we truly found the Upper Falls.
We hiked around a bit amidst what we thought were the Upper Falls. Zach got a lot of pictures; I can't wait to see them. The water was amazing. The trail went on a little bit further past what we originally thought were the Upper Falls. We wondered if the trail led to the reservoir, so we decided to keep going. Good thing we did. These falls were amazing. I think I might be more impressed by the Upper Falls than the Lower Falls.
Is Ben planning what I think he's planning? Of course. He scrambled right up the rocks of this waterfall. Scared me too much, so Zach and I left and climbed to the right of the falls to get a view from the top.
The rock looked so flat and smooth at the top. Perfect for a water slide until you got to the fall part.
I don't remember what I was hoping to capture with this snap, but I laugh every time I look at this.

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