Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bateman to Malone
I saw Karl Malone at the airport when I came back from Hawaii. He was standing right in front of me as Em and I sat on the bench waiting for Ben to pick us up. I wasn't paying any attention, but then I heard his trademark drawl. "Sounds just like Karl," I thought to myself, yup, there he was right in front of me. I elbowed Em and told her who it was, but she questioned how I knew. How can you not?
Doesn't he look like Brian Fellows?
Ben pulled up right when Karl came back with more luggage.
Ben: "Excuse me Karl Malone? Can we get a picture?"
Karl: Looking straight ahead, tad grumpy, "I've just been on a 26 hour flight, let me put my luggage down."
So I took off my shoes, didn't fix my Superman curl hanging down in front, and snapped a picture of me after a night on a plane standing next to The Mailman.
He shook my hand, and I said thank you, and managed to not embarrass myself like I did when I met Thurl Bailey at one of his concerts up at USU.

Thurl: While shaking my hand, "So nice to meet you. You look very familiar."
Me: "Well I did play Jr. Jazz."



Natalie said...


Amy Bateman said...

I laughed really hard. Thank you for catching that.

Karli said...

hahaha that jr. jazz comment kills me! and did karl just get back from a safari or what?!

Andrea said...

I laughed about the Thurm version too. I want to use this picture as my desktop at work, it will make me smile every time I see it.