Saturday, August 07, 2010

Granite Flats Campout
The last week of July was our annual Bateman Family Campout. My dad and I arrived first at our campsite up American Fork Canyon, and he kept me busy helping him set up the most ridiculous tarp above our tent (above the rainfly). My fear of bungee cords came out in full force as I continued to get thwapped by them. If I had been working with anyone but my dad, there would definitely have been tears. It's hard to see the system in the below picture, but let me assure you, neither my dad nor I are tall enough to have just simply stretched to reach the placement around the trees. I had to shimmy up pine trees (this doesn't work well at all, especially in tevas), my dad hired a stick to help guide the bungee where he wanted, and we found a box that he stood on while I braced it. I didn't really know how to brace it, so basically I just stood there with my body against the box, knowing full well that it would break my femur if it gave, repeating, "Please don't break," over and over and over in my head.

Back of Mt. Timp Hike
My Uncle Scott often organizes a hike up the back of Timp, and this was the first year I've ever been able to go. It was so amazing, and I hope we get to do it again next year.
Our first stop at the first meadow.
My cousin Josh (aka Bizarro World Zach) pointing to a deer clambering over the rocks.
The wildflowers were out of control. All of my pictures don't give them any justice.
View from the second meadow. We're going to the very top of that peak. Yowza. Can't say my heart didn't sink just a tad. So much farther to go.
My cousin Jess and our first encounter with a mountain sheep.
Ben at the Saddle.
Everyone pulled out their cellphones and called loved ones.
The tippy toppy!
We pulled out our snacks, Dra gasped, "My Doritos! Ohhh, I must have dropped them." Soon after, our cousin Brandon reached us and shouted, "Did someone drop Doritos?" He saved Dra's day.
Josh perched safely, but it still made my head spin a bit to see the drop.
Next challenge: Heading down to this lake.
Me and my sissy Em at the top, Ben checking out that guy's butt.
Me, Em, and Dra laughed so much the entire way up, and the majority of the way down. It was so much fun to hike with them.
The glacier we slid down.
I was so scared at the top when we were sliding sideways on the muddy rock.
I was so scared to slide down the glacier; it was so steep, and I was convinced a rock would give me another butt crack. Ben went first and laughed the whole way. Em and I sat on our garbage bags and tried to make a train, it didn't work. Dra has a hilarious video. I am scared but laughing, Em is scared and screaming bloody murder. Lots of our group gingerly walked down.
Herd of mountain goats right by the lake.
Can you believe we slid down this bad boy?
Incredibly beautiful.
I hope that Em and Dra post some of their pictures (hint hint wink wink). We had a fabulous time.


Andrea said...

I need to post my picutres - they're at mom and dad's so I'll have to get over there soon. I don't think people realized just how motivating my Dorito's were. I kept telling myself I could eat them only on the top. I still need to see Em's pictures

the mama monster said...

jealous. maybe we can come one is so pretty!