Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hawaii Pictures!
I was invited to my adorable friends Karen Conklin and Kahili Woods' wedding in Hawaii. Emilie Decker Ralph and I travelled together. Emilie is good friends with Karen, and Karen hired her to be her wedding photographer. We had a blast together.
Pria the flower girl (Kahili's niece), Karen in the background getting ready, Chelsea (Kahili's sister) helping with Karen's hair.
My camera card was full, and I frustratingly tried to delete old pics, but I could not figure out how to get back to super old ones. I knew it had to be so easy, I even had Emilie the wedding photographer look at my camera, but she couldn't figure it out either. Em took amazing pictures of the wedding, so maybe in a couple of weeks I will re-post about Hawaii with better quality pictures.
Old International Market.
Deep sigh as it took me back to Taiwan and Thailand.
One of the five pools at the Hilton.
Karen and Kahili honeymooned at the Hilton which was conveniently located right across from our hotel: Aqua Palms and Spa. Our pool was a pathetic L-shaped eyesore. Em laughed when I disappointingly pointed out that with a name like Aqua Palms, the place should have a better pool. Karen invited us over to swim in their lagoon and pools. Yes please! The pools even had little kiddy slides connecting them. I waited my turn in between two five year olds, then slid down one of the slides. It was fantastic.
Karen and Kahili getting their picture taken right by the lagoon we swam in.
I loved that it was shark and jellyfish free.

I ran my own little 5k along the beach behind the Hilton. Usually when I run here in Utah, my throat gets pretty dry, but such was not the case in good ol' Hawaii. I was terribly sweaty due to the humidity though. Well, more sweaty than usual. There were a lot of people out and about in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised. There were even quite a few people swimming in the ocean which reinforced my jealousy of people who can swim.
Helicopter Tour!
By far my favorite thing we did.
In the picture: Our pilot in the blue jeans, Em in the helicopter, weird flirty copilot.
This is the beach I ran!

Bruce Willis (aka bizzaro world Brent Bateman) and Keanu Reeves have houses somewhere on this hill.
Hawaii's take on Sea World.
We could see lots of hiking trails. They were beyond steep, I swear, they were practically straight up the mountainside. I don't know if you'll be able to make out the white blur, but we saw a guy on top of one of the peaks. I waved furiously, and he waved back, and I tried to get a picture.
This could be Stairway to Heaven.
I had to reach over Emilie to get this picture. Here's where parts of Lost and Jurassic Park were filmed.
Sacred Falls
Can you spot the waterfall? Our pilot said that they had to close it down to all hikers because too many people were getting hurt.
Pearl Harbor - USS Utah
Our pilot took us on the same route the Japanese took.
Pearl Harbor - USS Arizona

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Andrea said...

1.I want to go to Hawaii even more now that I've seen your pictures.
2. Love the big fish - I think Yoda and Big would love them too
3. I'm so glad you didn't see the Smoke Monster or a T-Rex
4. Don't know why I thought of this just now but did you know there is a Gator Land in Florida? It's like an amusement park, but full of alligators and crocodiles. No thank you