Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ezra Turned 6 Today!

This is a picture from last year when he turned 5.

I was wandering around WalMart yesterday with Jackie on the phone, trying to figure out what to get the little birthday boy. After hanging up, my eyes settled on the perfect gift for Ezra. (Picture shown above.)

He is the sweetest kid ever. He ran around and gave us each hugs after he opened his presents, and made sure we knew he loved his presents. Andrea said that later at dinner he confessed, "I sure do love all of my presents, but my favorite is my sea monkeys!" I caught him cuddling the package at one point, and he and I talked and talked about everything sea monkeys.

* Don't want to forget: I love that Ezra asked if I would sit next to him during the movie, and then when little Addy wanted to sit next to him too, he sweetly said, "Well, I want to sit next to my Aunt Amy."

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