Sunday, April 17, 2011

Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon
* Riding with Kolten in the morning and listening to his great music.
* Jumping jacks galore when we saw cute Natalie and were trying to get her attention.
* Tears down my face when I saw a blind runner.
* Swallowing really hard when I saw a marathoner on crutches.
* Seeing Candace and Lara along the route, (competitive part of me loves that we passed them).
* Chatting it up with Garth Horton in the rain on the terrible part of State Street.
* Kolten's insistence we take a goo packet each.
* Running with Dra the entire time.
* Perfect running weather.
* High-fiving little kids along the way.
* Seeing friends at the finish line.
* Hugging my sissy at the end.


Andrea said...

I have a picture that Eric took of you and me hugging at the end..... I may or may not be completely crying. Seeing it almost made me cry again. I loved running with you too

Valerie Johnson said...

Amy, Patrick A and his brother Ben were in the Sunday School class Todd and I taught when we lived in Providence!! What are those boys up to? Other than hanging out with you awesome ladies? WIll you tell him to be my friend on FB so I can harass him?

Natalie said...

I have a very blurry pic of you two I'll post : ) I took like five in a row, but you were quickly covered by all the tall people around you.

the mama monster said...

wish i could have done it with you. so proud of you guys!