Saturday, April 30, 2011

A few weekends ago, I was politely participating in a painful game of super lame questions. It was a terrible attempt at truth or dare without the fun of dares and without the creativeness of awkward truths.

A boy threw out the question, "If you got to choose a singer to sing your life story, who would you choose?" (See, super lame.)

A girl happily called out, "Phil Collins!" to which I immediately burst into hysterical, full-belly laughter.

When I opened my eyes after my hearty laugh, I realized no one else was laughing or even smiling.

I put my head down on my arms, and heard, "Amy, I am offended. I was being serious."

I took a deep breath, kept my head down, and mumbled a sincere apology mixed with a lame explanation of, "If you knew my family ... inside joke ... " and tried to think not-funny thoughts.

"She's still laughing, look, she's shaking," stupid-question boy pointed out.


Andrea said...

Maybe I should start coming with you so that we can laugh together - things are always better when someone else is laughing with you

Tay and Jen said...

I love this blog! I never fail to laugh out loud.