Friday, April 01, 2011

Today, two of my 9th grade girls came to 5th period late with excusal notes from the office. I'm annoyed.

In the middle of class, they both got a note requesting that they go back to the office. I am even more annoyed. Wondering if they're scheming, I make sure to send them at separate times.

They wander back in together with about five minutes left in class (volcano erupting annoyance) . Perfect, they missed our entire lesson. Good thing I've been posting each lesson on youtube lately.

Right before the bell rings to let class out, I get this message from our hall monitor, Kat:

"We are trying to get a statement from Oakli and Gabbi, and they are not being cooperative. even though we sent them back to class, we have asked them NOT TO COMMUNICATE. Obviously we think that they will. If you see them talking or if they pass a note of any kind, please confiscate it and call me immediately!! Thank you "

I'm burning holes into the back of their heads. The bell rings and I watch Oakli toss a tiny, bright yellow note to Gabbi, but it falls short and lands on the floor. They know I hate notes; they know I hate garbage on the floor. I tell Oakli to grab it and hand it to me. Then I hold Oakli after to keep her away from Gabbi for a bit longer.

Once they're out of my sight, I unravel the note:

I am thinking, "What the crap are they up to! I cannot wait to give this to Kat." Then I flip over to the backside of the note:

I was duped! How did everything work out so perfectly? The girls came back in as I was sending a note to Kat. They laughed and laughed and ran out, "We love you Ms. Bateman!"

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