Sunday, October 05, 2008

Meet Malloy

This cat blundered into our yard, and he/she is here to stay. He/she has now been knighted as my cat, and I kindly named him/her Malloy. My cat is the best of all of the cats that think that our home is theirs.

Here's a taste of why.

  • Malloy actually purrs and actually likes to be held.

  • Malloy comes when called. (Unless he/she's nervous about one of the other cats coming around.)

  • Malloy cockily continues purring while the other cats hiss and spit at him/her.

  • Malloy is happy to be pet, none of this dropping the belly to the ground, refusing to be pet. (I'm talking to you Moe!)

  • Malloy is so soft and so dang cute with his/her white neck and white mittens.

  • Malloy already deftly avoided a kick from my dad. (Dad missed and kicked the chair, and I cannot stop laughing as I continue to hit re-play in my mind.)

  • Zach opened his arms wide, called to Malloy who was clear across the yard, and Malloy came running/purring.
  • Malloy is a menace to the other cats. (Trust me, they need this.)
  • Malloy is a blast from the past. (Look at my Born a Batman picture on the right side of this blog.)
  • Malloy likes to tell secrets.


Karli said...

That last picture is hilarious... it almost looks fake. haha. I'm glad the cat finally has a name, now Emily can stop calling it the cute black and white cat.

Kimberly said...

Um, can't you figure out the gender? I'm pretty sure, even if the cat's been "fixed", it's still pretty obvious . . . just a thought.

Eric and Andrea said...

I had Megan meet Malloy and she laughed at the telling secrets. If only you had witnessed the "kick the chair" episode. It was better in person. I still think the next task is to furminate him. Yeah, I think it's a boy

kcjaques said...

I can already tell Harley and Malloy will be friends. The first ever cat/dog crime fighting duo. Bonus they are both black and white.