Thursday, October 09, 2008

Andrew Wiles

No idea who he is?
Look him up, and then checkout the movie
The Proof put out by NOVA.
You will be amazed.

I had my geometry kids take a wild guess and write down who they thought Andrew Wiles was. Their worlds will be rocked on Monday when they find out his true identity.

Here are my favorites so far:

1. Person who devoted his whole life to proofs.
2. Albert Einstein's best friend?
3. The guy who invented proofs. Thanks a lot Andrew...
4. He is a magician who rides a pony named Wilson. He has written three books in his lifetime and is a senior at Yale. He likes poetry and beautiful sunsets. His favorite brand of ice cream would definitely be ... chocolate chip cookie dough!
5. The man who created proofs and conditional statements and the bang of things we learned. Or he discovered the potato, which ever.
6. A kid who's father was in love with math but he wasn't. And his father passed away and he came in love w/ math.
7. A man named after a saint and a country in Great Britain.
8. A person I don't know
9. Some dude who decided we should have proofs for some weird reason.
10. He's like the free masons, the templars, and the men in black all combined.
11. A country singer.
12. Umm ... Batman?

And my most favorite:
13. Your boyfriend.


Emily said...

ha ha Andrea looks like a man with no eyes??!

Amy Bateman said...

You messed something up Emanily.

kcjaques said...

If I had to guess I would have said Napoleon Dynamites Father.

Eric and Andrea said...

I want to know where this picture is where I look like a man with no eyes.....

Emily said...

hahaha whoops my bad I must have just been thinking about andrea when i wrote that but the guy looks like a man with no eyes