Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wild Horse Canyon/Goblin Valley/Bouldering
UEA 2008
Heiners: Ben and Thurm
Gainers: Jessica and Chris
Batemans: Amy
Greatest trip ever. I urge everyone to hike through Wild Horse Canyon, it's a must, and surprisingly easy. I would love to make this a yearly tradition.
Many of you have probably seen this literal hole in the rock gas station, but this was my first visit.
At this gas station we learned that the gas hose doesn't always rip out when left in.

Our first campsite.

I dreamt that animals were surrounding our tent all night, and I kept screaming at them to run away. In the morning we found many tracks: bunny, lizard, coyote ...

The wildest horse in Wild Horse Canyon.
I must admit that I was nervous for the 9 mile loop.

Look at how gorgeous the rock is.

Couldn't help but wonder our fate if there was an earthquake ... or flash flood.

Everyone else could touch the sides.

Show offs.

Thank you Thurm for snapping this picture.

Climb around?

No, no, we'll just walk through the icy/rocky water.

Deepest puddle.

I had my pants rolled up, and they still managed to take a sip.

Our little climbing gang.

Can you see the Gainer's shoes? They're amazing.

Thurm Dog

Goblin Valley
We climbed into a cave, and then met Chris' challenge to climb out this tiny hole.
My bum got stuck, and it was terrifying, but I was able to wiggle my way out.

Chasing lizards. Boys will be boys.

Looking down into Goblin Valley.

Bouldering. My lizard friend.

He had no idea I was above him, so I ended up sneaking closer, squeezing his belly, screaming, then laughing way too hard when he skittered away.

Heel hookin' Ben


Erica said...

Your vacation looks like so much fun! If you come to Vegas, Landon would take your rock climbing out at Red Rock.

Eric and Andrea said...

Love love love all the pictures. It looks like a really neat place to go. I was nervous looking at that hole you had to squeeze your bum bum through

Derek said...

ive been to goblin valley. it was awesome. i went to moab for the first time ever last week, and it was just as rad.