Saturday, May 09, 2009

Last Sunday we made Shiskebabs!

Here's Ben grillin' like a villain.

Monday: I decided to take work off so I could play with Ben.

We played speed scrabble all morning, and I graciously beat him most of the time.

We went to Sugarhouse Park and walked around, and I got too crazy and jumped from the bank of the creek on to a sandbar. Ben compared me to a trapped cat because I was fretting about how to get back without getting really wet. Should have thought before I jumped.

Ben dropped me off at the end of school so that I could help out with our faculty meeting. (I got our entire staff to do the circumference conga line, it was hilarious!)

Afterwards, I met Ben at my parents, and again, graciously beat him most of the time at Dr. Mario.

Tried on my dress for Thursday's award ceremony to get my mom's approval on the shoes I planned to wear. I had to suffer a very painful debate about whether I would wear "socks" or not. I refused to wear what I call tights, my mom refused to believe that I could look fancy without "socks". The fact that she was calling them socks was proof enough. I had peep toed shoes, only old ladies would be caught with "socks" on! Her argument was that they were so "nude" that no one would notice. Yeah right. She insisted that I had to at least try them on, I insisted that there was no way in hell that I was going to wear them so there was no need to even try them on. Ben and my dad kept looking at me, then my mom, then me, then my mom ... So I left the house too frustrated, and Ben whispered that he agreed with me completely.

Went to see Earth. I laughed at everything (in a very pleased way) while Ben snoozed. I kept getting scared and my jumps would rouse Ben. "Sorry, but ... the lions!"

Dined at Zupa's. I love that place.

Best day off ever.

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Jeff and Rose said...

What is it with our mom's and socks--uuggh! it's a DISEASE!!