Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Time!

Here's baby Abe ... or baby Henry ... we're not sure yet.

I want to birth children like Jackie births children. They're quick and dang cute.

Well ... this guy was quick.
Eli meets the new baby of the family.

"He's my baby!"

"He is so cute."
When we'd ask Ezra if we should call him Baby Henry or Baby Abe, he'd ponder for two seconds, then delightedly scream, "Baby Abe!" (It kind of sounded like Baby Habe!") He definitely prefers Abe to Henry.

"Ezra, let's let Eli hold him now."


Eli gets a turn.

When we'd try to take the baby away, Eli would reach up and pull him back down.

Dra and the little guy.

Grandpa forces a smile for the camera.

Not because he's not happy, he just never smiles.

Hooray! Congrats James, Jackie, Ezra, and Eli.


Brian and Jaime said...

Yeah for Jackie. He is so adorable!!!!

Sara said...

He really is a cute baby (But so are all of their kids, so I didn't expect anything less this time). You'll have to tell James and Jackie congratulations from the Sargents!