Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summit County Parade/Fair!
I forgot how great this day is. Note to self: Always accept the invitation.
Em snapped these pics last Saturday morning. Jack and SierraI need this outfit ... seriously.
Later at the 4H building, I tapped a girl on the shoulder and asked her where I could buy such a gem, but she just shrugged and said her coach bought them. The dad laughed at me and said he was sorry they couldn't help. The kids were literally filling their quart size ziploc bags.
I helped point out the good ones, but then when I realized that the parade turns around and comes back, I joined in. I figured I could keep it in my classroom for the little kiddies and hey! Now I don't have to pay for it! I seriously almost filled a baggie too. (Don't be thinking I stole from the kids, they were tuckered out, and there was PLENTY to go around.)


Crack that whip! What if the horse just kept stepping backwards?
Bunny that looked like a dog, "and I liked it."


Erica said...

I'm so glad that you posted some pictures of this day! I was hoping that someone would. You are so nice to give your candy to your students- I probably would have just eaten it myself!

Eric and Andrea said...

Oh Bunnicula, how you made me sneeze

Sara said...

You know Amy, my little neice has one of those outfits. It's hot Pink sequins, with the matching socks. It's a 4T, but she should be growing out of it soon. I'll see if I can score it for you when she does.