Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yesterday's unexpected trip to Hogle Zoo Ezra rockin' it in his sunglasses on the lame train ride.
Like mother like son
It's a penguin hat! They also had a darling blue elephant hat.
Lion drink.
Grandpa held down the button and sprayed Ezra's face and shirt. Therefore, Ezra felt the need to let his belly get some exposure.

Both a little scared to see the White Alligator.
Two monkeys
Eli insisted on seeing the rhinoceros, but was terrified when we got closer.
Do I have a horn like a rhinoceros?
No Aunt Amy.
Wahoo! Ezra rode the buffalo on the carousel like a pro. Eli and Grandpa playing the water bottle stacking game.
I am addicted to Eli's smile and his adorable goofy teeth.
Two crazies
Time to go home.
Ezra's saying, "Monkey cheese!"


Eric and Andrea said...

Ugh I'm so jealous! I wish I didn't have to work and that I could just play play play all day. One day it will happen, one day....

Erica said...

It looks like you had so much fun! maybe next summer you can come with me and my boys! Wow that is a crazy thought. When do you head back to school? Landon has a cousin at BYU who will be student teaching (math) this year- I told you to look you up. Good Luck!

the mama monster said...

great... thanks for the flattering picture! i will get you back amy bateman if it's the last thing i do.