Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cairo's Camels Sittin' pretty
Me meeting our guide and Michael Jackson and soon lamely confessing that I was really nervous.
Don't be nervous!
But? How do I get on?
I will help you of course!
(That involved scooping me up under my armpits in a way too friendly manner.)

Pose for the camera Michael Jackson (a.k.a. Camel Face).

Don't mind me back here getting drenched in bad flirting.

Fake smile as I'm wondering if

1. Ben could ride with me to eliminate a little fear and a lot of winks from our guide

2. Guide boy's going to ever stop with the gentle touches

3. If I can make the whole trip without bailing off the side

Michael Jackson was a little frightening. Katie (in yellow) was positive he was going to bite her.

I was handed the rope and was now in charge of leading our train of three camels. Here's a pic of me realizing I had no idea how to stop these bad boys if they decided to bolt. Everyone is obviously oblivious to our state of danger.

Me looking around for our guide, praying he'd take back over.

Michael Jackson kept twisting his head back in the oddest angle. I was waiting for spit, or a bite, but he was just scratching his head up and down his neck.

Um, Ben? Your camel is really close to tasting my dusty calf.

Maybe if I would have realized that I was in all of these pictures, I would have played along with the other posey people.

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Eric and Andrea said...

My thoughts of Michael Jackson....... yuck. He needs a bath. What if while you were riding him, someone threw a dress out of their hot air balloon and it landed on his face and then you crashed into a palm tree? What would you have done?