Friday, August 15, 2008

I am not doing okay.

1. So exhausted, but can't sleep. What time is it? 1:52 A.M.? Nice.
("Can't sleep ... clown'll eat me ... can't sleep ... clown'll eat me ...")
2. Someone is blasting Mormon Tabernacle Choir Music. What time is it?
3. It is so blasted hot at night; I need to get me a fan.
("I got the idea when I realized the fridge was cold.")

4. The bottom of my little feet hurt from jumping off of Cottonwood Height's platforms.
5. So late that the crazy "I must suck" thoughts come out. Example: Compliments I received between the hours of 2:30 P.M. and 9:40 P.M.? Zero.
6. I feel like I'm Goldie Hawn on Overboard and I've been slaving away diligently, but here comes the breaking point ... starting with jumping through the neighbor's window, snatching their damn boombox, heaving it out the window, then stomping it til the sun comes up.


Eric and Andrea said...

Paponwah what's wrong?? Why so awake? I was going to counter act your claim that you didn't get a compliment in between those hours but then realized that I told you that your dinner was a complete hit at 1:23 PM Sorry little ma'm. Call me if you need me

Kimberly said...

#1 thing to do between 1 and 4 am to get back to sleep: (try to)read one of Meyer's mushy vampire books "SNORE"

#1 thing that wakes me up in these hours: Neighbor blasting a porno movie (be thankful for the Tabernacle) I wake up in a startled panic thinking, "Some poor woman is being beaten up!!" Then wake up a little more and think, "um, no . . . . gross!!" Try falling asleep after that! Then when I pass the neighbor in the hall and say, "hi" . . .I want to barf. I wish I had the nerve to tell him he needs to turn the volume down on his late night movies . . .

Last comment, just curious, but did you take any allergy medicine or decongestants yesterday? some of them have ingredients that give me insomnia! Very annoying!

Funaki-naki-naki said...

Look on the bright side. You get to teach in a week. Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha.

Derek said...

"cant sleep.. clown will eat me.".. perfect.

Amy Bateman said...

I be fine. I think it was just too hot. I should have let Kurt Russell dump me in the huge barrel of rain water that the dogs sometimes drink out of.

How do I overcome the meds?

I keep forgetting that you won't be with us. Argh. I quit.

I take a bow for you. Um ... I mean curtsy.

Kimberly said...

After a couple of weeks, a 24 hour decongestant doesn't affect me anymore . . . (of course I'm talking when I'm NOT pregnant)
But if you won't be taking it that long, or aren't tolerating it well,
My non-professional advice: take a 12 hour tab first thing when you wake up, then use Benadryl or something similar, that makes you a little drowsy at night. A pharmacist told me that one, and it worked quite well. Check with yours for drug interactions, etc.