Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some Egypt/Some Czech Republic Ben snapped this awesome picture, then teased me for gasping and asking why the camel had six legs! Tell me it didn't fool you too.
So ginormous. Did you know there's over 300 pyramids? I didn't.
We were only allowed to climb so high. Stupid movies tricking me into thinking I could go all the way to the top.
Another sign of my ignorance. There are pyramids are right by the city.
Me, Ben, and Sphinxy
Snorkeling trip in Egypt. I can't tell you how much I loved having this guy's camera in my face the whole time. The greatest was when we were climbing back into the boat and getting the salt sprayed off of us only to realize he'd filmed my entire detox. Pervert.
Some coral that we got to explore. Me and the Ben

Here's where we'll be swimming. Here's all of the wildlife we could potentially see ... Yes there are sharks on that sheet.
Please give me tips on how to not look so extremely gorgeous after swimming.Poor Ben and his greenies that accidentally got left behind at the hotel.
We'll miss you!
Turns out that papaya dresses over swimsuits is the best.

Bitey McGee was waiting back at our hotel for us.
Shopping at the Old Market. Ben was so immersed in the culture.
One of the pools at our hotel. We swam in this one the most, and I introduced Ben to the dunking game. He killed me when he chose the topic of Modern Day Prophets.
Czech Republic - Hike to a castleAnother terrifying animal moment for me outside of the castle.

Big Mama was heavy!

Our tour of the castle was in Russian. So Ben and I hung back, and I described what each room was with the help of our English translation sheet. Ben of course was thrilled with each historic detail.

Um ... the hunting room was a little scary.

I hate these stupid mimes. They were so crappy and so annoying and later they frowned at me!

Dear sweet tram that took us to our Hotel Golf every night.


Eric and Andrea said...

I think I saw Big Mama's sister the other night while looking for shooting stars. She was so big we thought it was a FLOCK of pigeons at first..... she was a big big mama.

Eric and Andrea said...

I clicked on the alligator rug picture to get a better look and he totally looks like the alligators off of Chipmunk Adventure... you know the ones that swallow the fire?

Natalie said...

So.. um.. Amy... how did your twin beds get pushed together? Those dang maids!

Amy Bateman said...

They were like that!
Plus, I was really really sick when we were in Egypt so there was no temptation. :)

Amy Bateman said...

Oh, and biggest plus, there were three of us in a room.

Erica said...

I am so jealous of all you travels. You look fabulous by the way!