Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ben will be away at training in California for a month,
then home for four days,
then off to New Jersey for a couple of months,
then straight to Afghanistan.
Tuesday night I cried so hard I gagged.


Valerie said...

Amy, you just need to get married, then you won't miss him near as much when he is gone. It will just be more like a nice little break. Hopefully I am not the only married person who feels that way. Wait, Todd just informed me that I don't necessarily need breaks from him, but from the kiddos. True, but I always love them even more when I get back...atleast for a little while!

Valerie said...

Whaat? The Afghanistan part just registered. That is far and long. You will miss him no matter what!

Eric and Andrea said...

Please no more crocodile tears that make you gag- you helped me now I help you. We'll get through it

the mama monster said...

i'm sorry amy. don't be sad, come and play with the boys, they make everything better.

Jeff and Rose said...

I'm laughing so hard about Val's comment. It's SOOO true. I would have driven Jeff to the airport this morning if I would have known that he would have been gone for at least a week.
Good gosh, I hope he doesn't read this....

P.S. Distance does not make the heart grow fonder--that line is a bunch of bull--it. This is going to be very hard. Go ahead and bawl about it. You gotta do what you gotta do. I'll text you while I'm singing with Donny Osmond on Monday night--talk about texts you'll want to save...that should cheer you up for at least a couple of days. xoxox