Sunday, May 10, 2009

Do you ever save old texts for way too long because they remind you that you are wickedly funny?
I imagine that everyone who receives a text from me is always super excited. I live in such a little world of pretend.
Here's a handful of old texts I've let simmer in my outbox for long enough:

"I forgot about our candy apple and when I went to rescue him just now, he was mad, and squishy, and smelly. Nuts."

"Just got out of the bath, and as I watched the water swirl down the drain ... Ew! That's a gross clump of hair. Way wrong. It was a drowned spider! I could puke!"

"Holy crap! Bruce Lindsay is at my table!"

Hilarious responses to good ol' Bruce (held-my-hand-for-too-long) Lindsay:

"Wow! You should make a wise crack about Nadine Wimmer."

"The news anchor?! Resembles dad????"


Emily said...

hahaha mom told dad that I said he looks like Bruce Lindsay and dad was like what?? and I said well you guys look like you could be brothers and then he just shrugged.

Eric and Andrea said...

I still have this text you sent me:
"Remember when you crashed, then crashed, then got engaged?"

Still gets me everytime