Thursday, May 14, 2009

I snagged a yogurt from my mom's fridge a couple of weeks ago, and yet it still waits patiently in the fridge at work.
Mom nodded, "Sure you can take one, just know it 'gets you moving.'"
I am scared of the consequences.
Does anyone want it?


Natalie said...

haha, I love that your mom is buying yogurt that "gets her moving" and you told the whole world about it! haha

Anna said...

i like activia... but if your in a place not easily accessible to toilets (like teaching a class for instance) i suggest you hold off from it because like your mom says, it will get you moving.

p.s. i miss you amy... i hope i see you soon

Skipper said...

One word: No.

the mama monster said...

no no no, it has probiotics not fiber. it will keep you regular and balance the little germies in your belly. it is good, don't worry little one it will do a body good.

Jeff and Rose said...

Jeff laughs so hard whenever he sees these commercials. His response afterword is what makes me laugh out loud.

A quote: "Works in two weeks?" "What the hell? Of course, you're going to poop within two weeks. If you don't, you'll just die!" "Terrible marketing. Just terrible."