Friday, May 22, 2009

These last few of weeks, I've been running at Sugarhouse Park. It is a perfect place to run: duck pond, bike and running path, lots of trees, plenty of grass, longboarders to spy on, and one loop is 1.66 miles. I only have to run two loops for a great 5k.

Every night I run, I have an adventure.

Here's a taste of what you could enjoy if you came with me:

1. I was huffing my way up one of the little hills, trying not to breathe too loud as I passed some of the walkers, and as I made my way to the top, I glanced down at a group "playing" on the grass. Oh, they weren't playing though, they were fighting! A huge group of guys were all decked out in medieval armor: shields, swords, everything, and they were battling while peasant-clad onlookers cheered them on.

2. I was about to finish my second loop, I was telling myself things like, "Best 5k ever! Go faster, there's your car, go faster! You are almost done! You are doing so great!" when two girls passed me. Ugh. One of them was a little heavier set. She had a cute blue tank top on, and a short black tennis skirt. I've always thought these skirts were pretty dang adorable and looked quite comfortable. While I was thinking about whether I should look into purchasing one for myself, oh no! The girl's butt cheeks were making an appearance every once in awhile! Just a hint at the very bottom of one cheek at a time was peeking through, depending on the shift in her weight. No way! I wasn't trying to be a pervert, but I sped up just to clarify. Yup, butt cheeks. So gross in so many ways. Then I was in a dilemma about whether I warned her or not. Would I want to be told? Probably not, it would ruin my run. What would I say anyway? So I kept my mouth shut, and cringed as I watched her pass two older guys.

3. I sprinted to my car, ended my run, stopped my ipod, and walked with my hands on my hips. From behind me came a horrible squealing and crunching. I turned, still with my hands on my hips, to see a guy continue pushing his car into the corner of the car in front of him. Poor buddy, there was no one behind him, he could have easily backed out before pulling out.

4. I spotted a small group of elderly folk powering their way through Tai Chi. Later on a different lap of the park, I saw that they had beautifully colored fans in each hand as they made their moves.

5. I commonly mistake little dogs for cats, but this time, it really was a cat that caught my eye! A huge soft black cat was taking long selfish strides on the curb. An old lady with a gardener hat poked her way over to him, scooped him up like a sack of potatoes, and took him closer to their car. He sat and looked at her, then turned and made a few bored rounds around a tree. He wasn't on a leash, there are dogs everywhere, who takes their cat to the park to hang out? What if he ran up a tree?

6. As I was ending a run, I heard wheels behind me. It startled me, was a rollerblader about to pass me? A guy sporting a helmet and ski poles flew past me on rollerskis. I have no idea if that's what they're called, but that's what it looked like. He tucked in as he headed downhill, poles parallel to the road. Looked like a blast.


Andrea said...

Let's go look for those tennis skirts. They do look very comfy. I'll be sure to wear something underneath though. Hey, let's ask Anna. She plays tennis right?

Andrea said...

p.s. I love the running you. She looks so happy and excited. When I went to see her she was punching the air.