Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jonas Brothers Copied Jay Dee

I was enjoying my rainy Sunday drive, heard an announcement on the radio, and was actually somewhat excited for a song that was coming up. I was about to hear a Jonas Brothers song; I have easily avoided them this entire time. I have been a tad curious what they sound like.

Song starts, pretty cheesy (not surprised), and then I caught the lyrics confessing, "I'm freaking out," and I laughed so hard, I considered pulling over.

If you're not laughing, then you haven't been around Jay Dee enough.

Couple of examples:

"Mom and Dad say I'm staying up too late. They say I need to go to bed. I'm freaking out."

"Amy? You know James come home tonight (from his mission)? I'm freaking out," but he was not freaking out in an I'm-excited-to-see-him way.

This Just In:

I ran up to borrow something from Jay, and he asked if I'd seen his new recipe for ice cream. He told me it was on his desk which is completely saturated with different recipes. It's not a desk, it's a giant sticky note made of tiny sticky notes. While searching for the ice cream recipe he wrote today, he quizzed me, "Great news for you. I got a new CD. Know which one? Jonas Brothers!" I couldn't contain my guffaw, and I told him I just barely heard part of one of their songs this morning. "Oh! Which one is your favorite?!"

Don't know yet Jay, don't know.

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Andrea said...

Remember at the Gateway?
"Don't worry, I have a back up plan" You're very right, everyone is copying Jay these days. Next thing we know, everyone will be wearing their pants too high and getting their hair buzzed.