Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ezra's Baseball Game
I sometimes hesitate whether I want to drive all the way to Kaysville for Ezra's games, but these days of everyone-wins-baseball are quickly becoming my favorite. One of yesterday's laughs was brought to you by me. I forgot to ask my dad if it was okay if we picked up Toby and Emily until we were at the field. I was laughing so hard while I tried to tell him I forgot and still try to get permission to go get them, and he, in ultimate Brent frustration while turning the suburban around, kept saying, "Well I had no idea!" and my mom said multiple times, "Well of course you didn't, because she's trying to tell you she forgot to ask you."

Another laugh was brought to you by Zach while we were at Arctic Circle. He licked a face into his ice cream cone, got my attention, pretended to talk to Ice Cream Face, pretended Ice Cream Face whispered a joke in his ear, then Zach held his hand to his mouth, closed his eyes, and laughed. Ultimate funny, which was replaced by another funny when he tried to do the same to little Emily and she got confused. She had missed the face in the ice cream, a key component to the hilarity.

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Andrea said...

Love the picture of Toby just hanging out drinking his sippy