Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Vaca Play by Play
Day One:
  • Went in to work to finish my presentation for a math conference next week. What should have taken 30 minutes to finalize took 2 hours due to slack-jawed yokels who wouldn't leave me alone to work.
  • Went home with high hopes of running or going on a hike. Instead, watched hours and hours of tv. The Voice? Caught up. MasterChef? Caught up. Other shows I can no longer remember even though it has only been two days? Caught up. I seriously haven't watched tv at all in the last two weeks, and I fit it all in in one extremely depressing afternoon.
  • Took a refreshing siesta.
  • Tried to go on a hike later, snow and locked gates deterred us.
  • Ate an awesome burrito.
  • Had a fire in a backyard, ate smores, told the only hilarious scary story, cringed at "Want to see the tricks I can do with fire?"
Day Two:
  • Vowed to stay clear of the tv.
  • Went to Gamma B's to help with yardwork. Snapped a pic of her robin's nest, helped her weed her flower beds, mowed most of the front lawn, pulled weeds out of cracks in the sidewalk (banged my arm really hard when I tried to pull a poppa out that was growing under her table), mowed most of the backyard, tested her pool water temperature, helped her skim the top for leaves and bugs, sat and listened to her stories of her adventures from her 3 week Civil War trip.
  • Ate a burger with my dad.
  • Hit up the grocery store and post office.
  • Played and barbequed with family. Ate another burger.
  • 1st summer game of bocce resulted in 1st glorious come back win of the summer.
  • Bonfire up the canyon where I bumped into Spence (he gave me the painting below). I was also reminded of how immature I am when I couldn't stop laughing when I learned that one of the guys at the bonfire used to climb to the very tops of trees when he was little and take a dump. Park Ranger kicked us out at 10, poor old guy in the booth told us to pay him next time when we confessed we didn't have any money with us or checkbooks. I'd feel bad if I was lying, but I wasn't lying.
  • 1st bullet bike ride since my accident of '05. Not going to pretend, I was absolutely terrified the entire time.
Day Three:
  • Ate some of my roommate's cereal.
  • Turned down wakeboarding. (The boat was going to be so full.)
  • Sang at the top of my lungs while taking a bath.
  • Updated the blog with boring details, excited to see 0 comments when I faithfully come back to check.
  • Already excited for a killer day.


Andrea said...

1. What does a refreshing siesta consist of?
2. I hate bocce, ok ok no I don't, but I did yesterday

Amy Bateman said...

1) Refreshing siesta = 1 part couch, 1 helping of a super soft blanket, 2 sleepy eyes from too much tv. Loved letting myself forget how much time I'd wasted in front of the tv.
2) You love bocce. We should try to play somewhere other than crabgrass/cat poo central.

Erica said...

Oh, summer vacation, how I miss you. In Portland, I spent many summer days sitting on a bench outside the library reading. It's such a bummer when no one comments on blog posts. I hope we get to see each other soon!

Amy Bateman said...

Erica - We will see each other soon! When will you be here?

the mama monster said...

an this is only the begining...