Saturday, June 04, 2011

Lake Powell

My lake powell adventure wasn't nearly as eventful as this dude's, but we sure did have fun. I did hate night two of wind from hell. I woke up angry. (Think of the Chris Farley video of Chris' reaction to just finding out he was drinking a certain kind of coffee.) I bumped in to the one and only Karli Davies on the last day. We drove out of the parking lot, decided to stop at the bathrooms at the top, all the stalls were full, I waited in front of one specific stall, and when the door opened ... "Amy!?" I felt like I was on the price of right and I had picked the the winning door. So I got to see my little Karli, Morgan, and Janey and their poor sunburned bodies and sandwhipped hair.

I'd post pics of me wakeboarding and wakesurfing, but I need to get a tan before I show those babies on the internet. So enjoy my cool friend Brian.

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Karli said...

it was so shocking and so funny to run into you in the bathroom. you were practically blocking my stall. i'm glad your trip wasn't as crazy as ours. i also love that you referred to morgan as "this dude"