Friday, June 17, 2011

Free, free, free!

I've had a math conference this entire week, and I had to present twice this morning (3 hours total of presenting), but now I'm free! I have so many ridiculous stories of crazy comments, me wanting to bang my head against the wall, and gaggles of people who do not understand social cues.
The first thing a stranger man said to me this morning as I rolled in with all of my materials to present, "Amy! You look very adult today!"
In my head, "What the hell does that mean?" Out my mouth, "Thanks!"

I went on a short run this morning, shorter than I planned because I hit snooze a few times, but it was good to get out and sweaty while it's still a little cold outside, and I knew it would soothe my jangled nerves before my conference presentation. My ipod was screaming Beyonce's Best Thing I Never Had, I was lifting my arms to avoid touching the weeds that have grown to be as tall as me, and then ... rattlesnake! I scared him, he scared me.

1 comment:

Valerie said...

I think when I wear mascera I look adult-like.