Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brighton and Donut Falls
Stewart and Eva wanted to hike to Mary's lake, but our way was blocked by muddy puddles and snow. We decided to head to Donut Falls afterwards.

Is the name of this lake Silver Lake? The lake that's right by Brighton's Resort?

Carl had on watershoes, so there was lots of running through puddles.

Snow everywhere.

Work of a beaver.
The gnawed off stumps of trees were about four feet or even higher off the ground, and as I stated my ignorance to the fact that beavers can climb trees, Stewart laughed at me. "Amy, they were standing on snow when they did that."

Stewart borrowed this sign to be his walking stick for awhile.
This is about when Stewart declared we turn around and go down the canyon and find a different hike. Carl proceeded to lay on his belly on the boardwalk and dig trash out of the lake. He also brought home three waterlogged logs to put in his fish tank.

Later at Donut Falls.
Stewart posing with his new climbing stick and the boys we caught smoking pot.

This is as close as we could get to the falls. Well, Carl walked in a ways of course, but this is as close as I would get.

The bridge on the way to the falls. So much water.

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