Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shotgun Shooting West of Utah Lake
* I am scared of guns.
* I hate really loud noises.
* Despite these two potentially major setbacks; I had a fabulous time.

Cousins Jeremy and Carl setting up targets.
(Jeremy left, Carl right)
We brought some non-trashy items such as clay pigeons, and painted targets, but then Jeremy insisted on bringing a can of spaghetti sauce, a yogurt, and later he dug in his car and pulled out a water bottle and his front license plate.

Me wearing Jeff's huge jacket.
I hit the yogurt first try! (I think Jer was mad that he didn't get it.) Grandpa Carver would be so proud. I hit two clay pigeons, the yogurt, tried my best at the far painted target, and hit it, but never inside the target.
You probably can't tell, but we were also shooting at a plasma tv that was already out there.
So classy.

Mt. Timp, I'll see you soon buddy.

The Boys

Carl vs. Dan
(Carl left, Dan right)

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