Sunday, June 29, 2008

Europe: Day One/Two
SLC to Phoenix to Boston to New York to Frankfurt to Rome

Ugh to the max. Due to weather, we were re-routed to Boston because if we continued to circle, we would have run out of live-giving fuel. We missed our flight from New York to Frankfurt, so we had the pleasure of sleeping on the floor (literally, no fancy chairs for us) at JFK Airport.

Poor Dad, but I know he slept because we could hear the oh-so-familiar snoring.

7 of us had the joy of stand-by tickets from Frankfurt to Rome. We didn't make the flight that the rest of our crew was on. However, we were smiled on and had the pleasure of meeting Andre from Outkast and Jon Heder in Frankfurt of all places.

My dad shook Andre's hand, "Are you a musician?" Andre was so polite, said he couldn't get pictures taken due to myspace and what-not, but, "I'll sign something for you." What a gent. He looked so hot with his huge silver headphones and what looked not unlike a tape cassette player.

The other group did get to meet Don Johnson. Like I would have recognized Don Johnson.


Eric and Andrea said...

Love Emily's gleeful smile in the picture with Napoleon. Who's Don Johnson?

Amy Bateman said...


No, he was on Miami Vice way back when.

Kimberly said...

Am I really that old?!
I sold him stale popcorn an old hot dog, and a flat coke at the drive-in movies in Idaho Falls about 15 years ago . . . and I barely recognized him, because he was old then . . . I can't believe you guys could tell who it was now!