Monday, June 30, 2008

Europe - Day Two

Due to our delayed flights, we missed the 1st half of our day in Rome. No colliseum tour, no Vatican City, no St. Peter's Basilica, no Sistine Chapel. Ugh! I forgave the colliseum (sort of) because our taxi driver drove us practically all the way around, but I still shake my head at missing the Sistine Chapel. Actually, the other group didn't really get to experience St. Peter's Basilica because the Pope was there. Shrug, at least they got to see the Pope. (Comment from the group, "Not worth missing St. Peter's Basilica.")

Me and Mom at the Spanish Steps.
We can drink the water!
Fillin' up the water bottle.
Me in Rome!
Trevi Fountain - Throw three coins.
1st one granted a return to Rome.
2nd: Make a wish.
3rd: Get a husband.
(I only had American coins at this point; does that count?)
Trevi Fountain take 2
We can't remember the name of this building, but the Pope's apartment was in the building to the right. (Not shown, and the pictures we took turned out crappy.) His light was on, I figured he'd be tuckered out already.
Colliseum at night. Love the sweaty bangs and angel affect.Andrea and I conked out on the bus.Our 1st hotel room! It was heaven, definitely one of our best stays.


Eric and Andrea said...

I'm so glad you guys are home finally. I'm excited to see more of your pictures. Oh and I was wondering, while on your cruise, did you ever see the workers who are constantly shoveling the coal into the fire??

Amy Bateman said...

Right! Trick question!

Kimberly said...

I was felling really blue this morning, Christian still sleeping, and just bummed out --- and then!!! AMY IS BACK YAY YAY AYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!