Monday, June 30, 2008

Europe - Day Four

Morning Ferry, Olympia, and Tolo

Olympia has won my heart. I was wowed by everything and could have cried when we got to see where the olympic torch is always lit. I loved being able to race where the olympian athletes used to compete, I loved climbing and exploring, and I loved the lizards.
Love that little tug boat.
He helped us arrive in Patras.
Loveliest tour guide yet. I coveted her Greek accent and sweet style.
Beginning of the olympic torch.
Find the cicadas. Ugh! They are so loud!
Cicada climbing out of his shell.
Honestly, that's the truth. It's not what you initially think.
I see you lizard.

Running my little heart out, skirt decides to slide a titch.
Smoked 'em all.
Anna showing me the true victory march.
Outside of the Archaelogical Museum at Olympia Turns out you're not supposed to pose.
Greek Salad

Dad befriending a kind little pup.
Uncle Bill in front of our Tolo hotel.
I think he borrowed Dad's cell to call Sara.
View from our hotel in Tolo.
I sat on the little diving board and dipped my toes in. Sigh, if only the pool hadn't closed already.
Pack o' dogs.
Dogs were constantly roaming the streets, and the majority of them were German shepherds! They had tags on, and Mary (our tour guide) explained that the city took care of them.


Natalie said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am. POMPEII!!!!!!! I want to go to Greece so BADLY! I love all your pictures-it looks like such a good time. Can't wait to see the rest of your trip.

Eric and Andrea said...

Oh dad and the re-incarnation of mini Lacy, he loves him/her. Emily's going to be hit by Zeus's lightning bolt for posing in the museum...

Eric and Andrea said...

Oh and I'm even now more impressed that you beat everyone at the olympics because you didn't mention the first time you were in a skirt! Good work mufasa!