Thursday, June 05, 2008

My roommate, Karen, is a kindergarten teacher, and she came home yesterday with a story for me.

Her kids had their teddy bear picnic yesterday, and as Karen was getting everyone started on the food, her little boy Aidan comes running up, "Ms. Conklin, Ms. Conklin!" frustrated and ready to cry, "Jonah is putting his teddy bear's butt on me and making him fart!"

Karen laughed, tried to stop, laughed some more, and then worked on getting the two boys to talk things out. She then apologized to Aidan for laughing, to which Aidan replied, "Actually, Ms. Conklin, once I said it out loud, it was kind of funny."

I cannot stop giggling.


Eric and Andrea said...

You know what my teddy bear thinks of you? Thhppppp!! aka fart sound

Emily said...

This story makes me laugh so hard and so does picture! look at the teddy bear sitting on the chair he is wearing ear muffs and the pig is shoving his/her face in the cup!

Heaps said...

Hey It's Ashley I saw your blog on Andrea's and finally figured out it was yours. I like your room. Where is it that you live?

Amy Bateman said...


I loved that you laughed way harder at the picture then you ever did about the actual story.


Hi! I'm living in Salt Lake right now. (I started to be more specific, then hesistated about revealing too much over the internet ... kind of lame because I'm sure somewhere in my posts is way too much information.)