Monday, June 30, 2008

Europe - Day Three
Pompeii and the Night Ferry

After the mountainous volcano behind Pompeii erupted, the city was left in pieces. Everything was covered with a thick layer of ash, which in turn preserved most of the artifacts. We hiked around the city, enjoyed our tour guide's colorful stories, endured the heat, and giggled at all of the inappropriate symbols that our tour guide pointed out on the walls/streets.

One of our first open views of Pompeii.
One of our first open views of Pompeii, take 2.
Street used mainly by the various modes of transportation. Those clever Romans included sidewalks.
Stepping stones used to cross the street when the water was raging down.
Em hearts our tour guide.
The mountain is barely visible in the background. Dang you little pocket of morning clouds.
Body preserved by the ashes.
Dog preserved by the ashes. Our guide made sure to point out that the dog must have died quickly ... broken neck possibly due to falling debris from the city.

Final view of Pompeii.
Em's doing her part to finish off my delish pizza.
Me and my mom enjoying the night ferry that's taking us from Italy to Greece.
Uncle John, Uncle Billy, and me.
Lone swimmer.
After the flash of my camera, he kept encouraging me to join him. Nah.
Some dork panicked, "Our ship is taking on water!" My dad and I laughed really hard.


Eric and Andrea said...

Some questions:
1. Is that really a human body?
2. Is that really a dog with a broken neck?
3. How old was this dork and what did he do after he realized it was a pool?
And finally, on your picture with the stepping stones, for some reason it brought to my mind The Land Before Time and the little guy named Ducky.... if I remember right doesn't he hop over things and sing "hop, hop , hop" or am I confusing two movies?

Amy Bateman said...

1 and 2:
I'm glad that you thought they were real, but they were casts of the originals.

The dorky comment came from a dorky group of look-a-likes so I couldn't pinpoint the dork. Hmm ... my brain just told me that it might have been an Aunt Susan comment.
You are right about the movie, but I can't remember exactly what he says, I thought it was something about, "Don't step on a crack ..."