Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The first time I met my mom's Wii Fit, we didn't get along very well.

1st: He calculated my age ... 42

2nd: He told me I wasn't very strong.

3rd: He pointed out that I must trip a lot because I don't pick up my feet.

I fought back and in one weekend,

1: Lost ten pounds. (Stupid Wii Fit)

2: Was told that I was extremely strong.

3: Dropped my age to 20 years old.

So in my mind, I am of course winning the battle with Wii Fit. However, today Wii Fit scored some major points. I was shopping at Gateway with Emily, (we're scrambling to get clothes for our Europe trip), and as I tried to conquer some stairs, I full-on kicked the stair instead of actually stepping on top of it, and fell ... hard and loud. Em was a little ahead, turned, laughed her loudest asthma laugh which was then accompanied by a girl's, "Are you alright?"

Next goal: Learn how to pick up my feet.
Curious? Ask Emily how much fun I can make the advanced step on Wii.


Eric and Andrea said...

I want to see you do the Advanced Step!! I bet it wasn't as entertaining as when we first tried it out though... when we had no idea what we were doing. Did you take that picture? It's very nice. Way down low.....cow toe??

Emily said...

I took the picture Andrea. Mom told me that I knew the secret trick to it and I just told her to get way into it like Amy. Mom does a little hop when she does it its way funny.