Saturday, October 24, 2009

Alta vs Davis Girl's State Soccer Game
The Lineup.
Coach Mitchell is on the far left in his red jacket. He was my grandparents' good friend, taught most of us, and I think Zach worked with him for a bit.
Toby's first soccer game. Happy as a clam.
Sissies all bundled up.
Me and Toby ... and Dra.
We were on the edge of our seats most of the game. Up to watch a goal shot, down with a, "So close!" and repeat and repeat and repeat.
Toby relieved his stress by sucking on his thumb.
Alta scored in the first two minutes, but Davis had been matching each goal. We were up 3-2 with 20 seconds left in the game, and Davis scored. Alta's Coach Mitchell looked absolutely livid. So we played two ten minute overtimes, and we had shot after shot, but no one scored, so we went to a shootout. I started texting my friend Deanne who played for Mitchell when we were in high school, and she said that there was no way we would lose in a shootout because Mitchell makes them practice shootouts religiously.
Each team gets five shots no matter what. Alta made their first, Davis missed their second! Alta missed the next (No!) and Davis missed ... and so on til we were still tied after each team had shot five times. We were all so so so anxious.
So then we went to a one to one shootout. So if one team makes it, and the other misses, the first team wins, but if the first team made it, and the second team made it, then they keep going until a team can't match a goal. (Does that make sense?) So we made our first, phew! But Davis made their first too. Then we made our second! Then ...
our goalie blocked Davis' kick! I haven't screamed and jumped for that long in a very long time. It was such a blast.
(Felt a tad guilty for the girls from Davis who were crying because they had missed their shots ...)
What a great, great night.


Karli said...

that sounds soo exciting! i love games like that!

Emily said...

Baby Toby and his sweet smile, I miss him!