Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Sisters' Pumpkins: Mine on left, Dra's on right.
"Wow! I love my pumpkin."
Thank you Zach.
Zach's lighting the fire within.
Toby Monkey!
Pajama Spidey Eli
Muscle Black Spidey Ezra
Woody Abe
Gypsy Me - Ezra snapped this picture.
Ezra whispered, "You look beautiful Aunt Amy", then buried his face in my orange skirt.
Eli kept jangling my belly dancing skirt.


Brian and Jaime said...

You are so stinking adorable. I miss you. love the pumpkin! best job ever!!! great costume.

the mama monster said...

cute boys and cute little gypsy. oh and cute pumpkins.

susan said...

At first glance I thought you had made huge gypsy boobs, then I realized it was your knee. Thanks for my birthday "surprise" was so great.