Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Excellent 30 min Bicep/Back/Kill your Quads workout:

(Be careful as you step out of your car. After working out and stretching, going grocery shopping, and driving for half an hour, I nearly ate it as I tried to exit my car. I put my weight on my left leg as usual after swinging my door open, my leg refused to support me any more, forcing me to catch hold of the door. I was so pathetically close to face planting.)

1. Lunges around half the gym coupled with bicep curls.
2. Lunges remaining half of gym coupled with shoulder presses.
3. Rep of twenty pull-ups on assisted dip machine (focus on pulling straight up and not bending your back).
4. Rep of fifteen froggy jumps.

Repeat steps three and four two more times.

5. Set of 20 bicep curls on big-armed resistance machine (I'll have to look next time for official name of machine).
6. Squat down on one leg, other leg straight out in front of you not touching the ground ever, and stand straight up using only one leg. Do a set of ten, then switch legs. Hold on to something for support if you need it, but don't let yourself pull up with your arms.

Repeat steps five and six two more times.

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the mama monster said...

me likes. would you please do a video demonstration of the froggy jumps as i have forgotten how to do them?!