Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hogle Zoo
Four turkeys
Baby elephant tickling her mama
Left to right: Ezra, Eli, Abe

We (James, Jackie, Dra, Ezra, Eli, Abe, me) were all at the zoo on Monday, and as we were just walking away from the tiger cubs, we rounded a bend, and we could hear a squirrel screaming at us: high pitch squeaks and clicks non-stop. Ezra, Jackie, Eli, and I stopped to see if we could spy the squirrel that was so mad, and there he was, not too high up in a tree, practically shaking both fists at us.

Eli was very bothered.

Jackie explained that the squirrel must be mad at us, and he (the squirrel) must be telling us no. Eli did not like this, and he started screaming at the squirrel to stop, stop, STOP! and he kept pointing his finger at the squirrel which graduated to Eli trying to punch-stop the squirrel. I laughed, Jackie laughed, then Jackie softly told Eli he probably can't tell squirrels no ... and Eli broke down in massive tears.

I laughed even harder. It was so dang cute.

So Jackie cuddled the crying Eli, and we started to walk away.

As soon as we started walking away, that dang squirrel bolted down his tree, across the lawn, and jumped for the trunk of the tree closest to us. It scared us all. Then he boldly came running down the fence straight towards us! I thought for sure he was going to jump on one of us. He was right by Ezra's face, but he wasn't screaming at us anymore.

I told Eli that the squirrel was just coming to apologize for making him cry, but man alive, I was terrified that the squirrel was really out for a scratchy revenge.

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the mama monster said...

funnest zoo trip ever! crazy boys = crazy fun. you know i'm going to steal that last picture, i love it!